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Land Clearing, Excavation & Construction Debris Clean Up

Pacific Wood Waste Inc. offers land clearing, excavation and mobile wood debris grinding to both residential and commercial builders in Courtenay and Campbell River. We have 20 years of experience in the wood recycling industry with recycling yards in both communities. We also offer lower tipping fees than landfills. Whether you’re a contractor clearing a single lot, a subdivision or have construction debris to clean-up, we have the specialized equipment to provide wood recycling services on or off-site, including:

  • Mobile wood grinders – tub and horizontal

  • EX200 to EX 240 excavators with rakes, grapple and grapple saws

  • End dump trailers – 40 yard tandem, 40, 80 and 90 yard tridem

  • Roll off bins – 20, 30 and 40 yard

  • Log bunks and log trailer

  • Chip trailers, 53 ft. walking floors

  • Gravel sales

  • Conveyors- stacking, self-cleaning belt magnets, picking belt and metal detector

  • Trommel screener / deck screener


Call for a free estimate and see how we can save you money on your construction debris costs.

Pacific Wood Waste Inc.
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