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Pacific Wood Waste Inc. has offered wood debris recycling on the North Island for 20 years

We work to provide land clearing, excavation and wood grinding services to building contractors and developers in Courtenay and Campbell River as well as to companies in the forestry industry. Our primary goal is to provide an efficient service for construction waste and wood debris clean-up that diverts it from local landfills and recycles it into hog fuel.

Why Recycle Construction Waste?

Hog fuel is a significant feedstock that provides biomass-fired power plants with an alternative to burning non-renewable fossil fuels. A single ton of wood debris converted to hog fuel produces enough power to supply an average Canadian household for 4 months and produces approximately 10.4 million BTUs of energy—that’s the equivalent of nearly 2 barrels of oil or 3 megawatts of energy.

In addition to hog fuel, Pacific Wood Waste also provides the recycled wood fibre that’s used in many agricultural and landscaping products.

You’ll find a Pacific Wood Waste recycling site in both Courtenay and Campbell River. By choosing to recycle your wood debris and construction waste, you’ll pay lower tipping fees than taking it to a landfill.

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Pacific Wood Waste Inc.
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Pacific Wood Waste Inc.
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